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Nam Dong-Gyun asks Ahn Jiwon if he's the broadcasting jockey Alex. Jiwon freezes for a long moment, before denying the claim. He says that Dong-Gyun must be drunk to think such a thing. Dong-Gyun apologises for the misunderstanding and starts to search for a shirt to give Jiwon. Due to his inebriated state, Dong-Gyun at first takes Jiwon's denial at face value. However, the longer he thinks about it, the more certain he becomes that Jiwon and BJ Alex are the same person.

Dong-Gyun points out Jiwon's distinguishing features which are visible on BJ's Alex's stream; the large birthmark spanning across his left hip and up his side, and the mole on the left side of his neck. He also offers information about both marks which Alex had told his viewers. Dong-Gyun firmly staes that Jiwon is BJ Alex. He approaches Jiwon, talking about his hair, hand extended in an attempt to touch Jiwon. 

Dong-Gyun is saying that he won't tell anywhen when Jiwon reacts. He grabs Dong-Gyun by the face and slams him into the wardrobe. Jiwon is enraged that Dong-Gyun has discovered his secret, and the facade of the easy going and kind student president is shed in favour of his natural, more abrasive personality.

After Dong-Gyun reveals how he knew Alex and Jiwon were the same person, Jiwon threatens Dong-Gyun in an attempt to ensure his silence. Jiwon releases Dong-Gyun, and kicks over a table in his anger. Dong-Gyun is shocked that Jiwon and Alex really are the same person, and confused by the personality difference between the Jiwon he first met in class and the angry man currently in his apartment.

Dong-Gyun hands over a shirt when Jiwon prompts him again. Jiwon is unhappy with the design of the shirt, but accepts it when he discovers that it is the only clean shirt Dong-Gyun has. He lights a cigarette, strengthening the similarities between Jiwon and his BJ persona in Dong-Gyun's eyes. This seems to spur Dong-Gyun into action, and he asks if Jiwon recognises him, and provides his NutworkTV screen name. Jiwon does recognise the name, to Dong-Gyun's visible delight. He starts talking about how much he likes the show, how he's never missed a stream and ends his enthusiastic rant by declaring himself a huge fan.

Jiwon thanks him for the chestnuts before saying that everything ends here, because he can't risk anyone finding out about his BJ career. He orders Dong-Gyun to act like he doesn't know Jiwon, and to stop watching his show altogether.

When Jiwon goes to leave, he is stopped by Dong-Gyun, who offers a compromise: he will never bother Jiwon again in exchange for a single favour. His wish is to receive a hug from Alex. 

The older man accepts, and hugs Dong-Gyun. When he disengages from the hug, he discovers that the contact has made Dong-Gyun erect, and embarrassed. Jiwon becomes aroused at the sight of Dong-Gyun, and ends up kissing him. He pulls Dong-Gyun over to the bed, telling him that is he has a wish, he should make it a big one.


  • Nam Dong-Gyun
  • Ahn Jiwon


  • Jiwon has had his birthmark since he was five.
  • Jiwon has previously attempted to remove the mole on his neck, but it returned.
  • Jiwon wants to remove his birthmark, but is afraid of scarring.
  • The shirt Dong-Gyun gives Jiwon is extremely cute. It has a dog with sunglasses on the front, and text saying 'woof.'