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The first chapter opens with Nam Dong-Gyun watching BJ Alex 's cam show. The theme for the cam show on this night is 'I'm your horny boyfriend♡!' Alex starts his performance, and Dong-Gyun quick follows his lead and starts masturbating to the show. Dong-Gyun accidentally ejaculates over his laptop, and panics because he bought the machine only recently.

After he has come, Dong-Gyun gifts Alex with 1004 chestnuts, which are the currency used on NutworkTV. Meanwhile, Dong-Gyun's internal monologue reveals that he has fallen in love with Alex, a gay cam boy.

At university the next day, Dong-Gyun has zoned out during a group project meeting. He's thinking of the previous nights stream, which quickly devolves into fantasising about getting fucked by Alex. When he complains that Alex is too rough, the imagined man replies 'that's how you like it.' It's after this that his group mates call his attention back to reality, and inform him that they think he should be the group leader. Dong-Gyun reluctantly agrees, internally bemoaning his lack of assertiveness.

Dong-Gyun stares at Ahn Jiwon from across the room, admiring the way the other man is able to lead his own group. The two of them make accidental eye contact as Jiwon's group makes to leave. Jiwon introduces himself to his hoobae, and then invites the younger man out to a department wide drinking night.

Shortly after they're seated at the bar, Dong-Gyun realises he doesn't have any friends in the department and determines to leave after a drink or two. His plans are interrupted by the sunbae he's sitting next to, Lee Kang-Hun. Kang-Hun turns his attention to Dong-Gyun while he bitches about not sitting next to a girl instead. Kang-Hun berates Dong-Gyun for not introducing himself before pouring his hoobae a full glass with the command to chug.

In the next scene, all the students are leaving to head to the next bar except for Dong-Gyun who has passed out at the table. Jiwon volunteers to take the student home since nobody else knows him, and discovers that it is Dong-Gyun who has passed out. 

Out the front of Dong-Gyun's apartment door, Jiwon is attempting to coax the passcode from a drunk Dong-Gyun. He ends up shaking Dong-Gyun, which results in Dong-Gyun throwing up all over them both. After getting them both into the apartment and cleaning up Dong-Gyun, Jiwon realises that his own shirt is covered in vomit as well.

While Jiwon washes his shirt, Dong-Gyun slowly regains consciousness. Jiwon apologises for using Dong-Gyun's bathroom and then explains the situation to Dong-Gyun. While Jiwon is talking, Dong-Gyun notices the large birthmark on Jiwon's side, and then the mole on the left side of his neck. He immediately connects the dots between the student president and his favourite BJ. Dong-Gyun proceeds to immediately freak out, enough so that he falls of his own bed. Jiwon rushes to help him, and it's then that Dong-Gyun asks if he's BJ Alex.


  • Dong-Gyun
  • Bj Alex / Jiwon
  • Lee Kang-Hun


  • Dong-Gyun's NutworkTV username is DG.
  • The university department they are in is Consumer Information Science, shortened to CIS.
  • Dong-Gyun lives in apartment number 306, and the start of his keycode is 0829.
  • It can be assumed that Dong-Gyun's apartment building has no elevator, as Jiwon carries him up the stairs.
  • To the surprise of many English readers, BJ stands for Broadcasting Jockey.