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Ahn Jiwon also known as BJ Alex is one of the lead characters along with Nam Dong-Gyun in the so called "BJ Alex" webtoon manhwa created by Mingwa in 2017. Pleased to perform acts in front of a live internet audience, he is not too happy to be recognized in person.

Ahn Jiwon tambien conocido como BJ Alex es uno de los personajes principales junto con Nam Dong-Gyun en el webtoon manhwa de BJ Alex creado por Mingwa en 2017. Encantado de realizar actos frente a una audiencia de Internet en vivo, no está muy feliz de ser reconocido en persona.

Ahn Jiwon też znany jako BJ Alex jest jedna z głównych postać poza Nam Dong-Gyun w internetowej manhwie BJ Alex stworzone w 2017 przez autora Mingwa. Sprawia mu pszyjemmnosc preformowac akty przed żywej widowni na internecie, nie lubi być poznany przez innych poza pracą


Ahn Jiwon is someone that you would call handsome with his distinct light yellow-golden eyes. Where as he might come off as cold and unpleasant, once he warms up to you, he will become more pleasant and fun with you.


Jiwon comes from a very strict family. His brother was always seen as smarter and superior to him, which is why he was the favorite to his parents. Jiwon was always the second choice growing up with his brother in first place. He's overall a hardworking and diligent person, who's a BJ just as a hobby or an outlet of putting a mask on himself being perfect. The author said Jiwon's brother knew that Jiwon preferred men.

Character Development[]

At first, he was the reliable Student Council President, then when DG found out that he was BJ Alex, he was being really rude and selfish because he wanted to protect his identity and later, he falls for DG.



Student at XX University, consumer information science major, 3rd year and also a former Broadcasting Jockey (at Chapter 83).


Smoking, Exercise, Cooking and Having sex with DG. He's getting laid fr.

Clothing Preference[]

Tends to prefer a chic style and really likes to add a fancy statement piece. He wears a lot of different looks when he's broadcasting. When he doesn't have a particular look he going for, he tends to put on more experimental outfits he wouldn't wear outside.


Jiwon is gay with a preference for men.